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How do you know if you are too stressed

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Stress is a major problem in life. Before you start worrying, some more details. A life without stress is not possible. Unless you lay on your back all day. Everything else is considered stress. Even watching TV. Your brain has certain activities. Don't you believe me? Try watching for 12 hours. You will be tired.

Stress is not the problem. Too much is the problem. And especially non-stop stress. If you have no stress breaks (relaxing), you will get problems.

How do you know if you are too stressed.

Probably you are, because most adults are too stressed. But being busy and being stressed do not have to be the same thing. Most of the time they are, but not always.

If you have high blood pressure and / or a rapid hart beat, then yes, most of the time it is because you are too stressed. It is because you are stressed, your blood pressure and heart beats go up. This is the source.

Solving this by taken medication, is not the right way. I am not saying you should stop taking them, because it could mean health issues. I am not a doctor, I only know the brain stuff.

What does stress do to you?

If you are young and not having health issues, you will get them sooner or later if you have a stressed life. Your body can handle a lot of stress, but if there is too much stress during longer periods, your health is going to suffer. That is for sure.

Your body needs to recover from stress by resting and good sleeping. And stress can cause sleeping problems. If you stay is stress mode, your body cannot recover.

Stress explained.

I use a balloon as an example. If it is empty (relaxed) it will be in perfect shape for many years. If you fill it for a while and empty it after that, it will stay good for many years. It depends on how hard and how long it is filled.

If you fill it and leave it like that, it will have a very limited life span, because of the tension. The harder it is blown, the shorter it will last. Same for stress. Long and non stop stress, will cause damage to your body.

Even if you are healthy and young. Or your health will suffer, or you will get something called a burn out. Probably (so I am not sure) burn out is something your body is doing to you, to prevent you are getting health issues. Kind of safety measure.

Stress cause more problems.

You should work on your stress levels. Not only are there health risks, but you are also not enjoying life (enough). Stress and enjoying life are each others enemies. The more stressed you are, the less happy you are. If you are relaxed, means you are not stressed, means you are enjoying life. It is as simple as that.

Yes, you have to work for a living, but if you work all the time and neglect friends, family and yourself, you are missing the most important part of life; your own happiness. If you are too stressed (your brain is in hyper mode), you cannot sit still. Even the things that could wait, have to be done immediately.

Don't avoid problems.

A lot of things to do, is one part of always being busy. But there is another source. The problem with relaxing and doing nothing, is problems start popping up in your brain. If there is insecurity or fear for instance in your life, you don't want to think about that. A good "solution" is being so busy, you cannot think about it.

But your problems are still there. You are only avoiding them and they will hunt you forever if you are afraid of dealing with them. There is not much different as running from an enemy. One other "solution" for this is alcohol, medication or drugs. But this is not the right way to handle problems.

Signs of stress.

If you cannot sit still, do nothing or you jump out of bed as soon as you wake up, you are too stressed. I am doing a lot, but I make room for myself. I don't get up as soon as I am awake. Sometimes I stay horizontal for an hour. Yes, I know, not always possible.

Take time for eating. I for instance never eat and drink coffee during activities. One day in the week is my off day. This day I do almost nothing. Go downtown, have coffee somewhere and watch other people. My phone is off. Doing nothing charges your batteries again (empty my balloon).

Some always find things they could do. I do the opposite. I find / create time to do nothing.

Stress and making money.

I have no problem of making money, but I am not obsessed with it. Money gives you freedom, but not happiness (unless you have financial problems). The ones who chases money are always looking for more. This causes stress and stress is the opposite of happiness.

Stress and sleeping problems.

Because of stress, you do not sleep properly. And this worsens the stress, because a good night's sleep, lowers stress levels. The more you sleep, the lower your stress level. That is why the ones who always sleep too much, are slow and dull. Those have the break on all day. They sleep too much. Yes this is possible.

If you don't sleep enough or too short, you get up already still a bit stressed. So you start the day in second gear. And during the rest of the day it will go up.

Stress can ruin your life. Your health will suffer and you are missing the happy things in your life. Don't let this happen.

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