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Enjoying the moment is also a very important part of life. Besides the general feeling good about yourself, there is more. A lot of small things, can make you feel better. Like this saying: "Stop and smell the roses." You really should. You should stop. Smell it for a while. And then move on. Yes, guys also.

It will not be a life changer. But it will be a small upgrade of your present mood. And maybe this is the start of a new attitude to life.

What is enjoying the moment?

By enjoy the moment I mean take more out of life. There is so much in your life that is passing you without you noticing it. Watch playing children and feel their joy. Seeing happy children will make you feel better as you were.

Keep an eye how people dealing with each other. See how a good family communicates with each other. They are relaxed and having a good time. And learn from this. Do you feel the sun on your face? Do you like walking in the wind or snow? Yes, if you are open minded to it, you can enjoy a gentle breeze in your face.

Something I enjoyed.

Recently I was sitting in a train. Parents, grandparents and a baby in wheel chair. Having fun. Dad had a little bit of apple juice in his bottle. He wanted to see if the baby would like it. The whole family watched. He gave him a zip and the baby was very surprised because he didn't expected this (big eyes). The family smiled.

But then the baby looked at the bottle and followed it while dad moved it playfully around. The baby liked apple juice obviously. Gave him a second and third zip. Family was having fun with this in a relaxed way.

Then dad decided to give the baby the bottle with a small bottom fluid left. To everybody's surprise, the baby took it and drank by itself. More fun. Nice family. Gave me a good feeling too. Most could have seen this, but because they were to busy with their mobiles, they missed it. I feel sorry for them.

Enjoyment can be everywhere.

These are the small moments of joy you can miss. From an old song: "Going to walk on the sunny side of the street." This is metaphorical, but you could really do this. "Lets cross the street, because it shines over there." "Hey, I want some ice cream." "I want to play soccer (with my children)."

You can even enjoy rain.

Take rain for instance. Most of the time it is not convenient, but listening to falling rain when you are inside, can be a nice thing. I once read somewhere a couple deliberately installed zinc plates above their bedroom, so they could listen to the falling rain. Some will understand it, but I think most do not get this. Falling rain can relax you. It is kind of meditation. Give it a try, next time it rains. It is an moment to enjoy.

Enjoy getting wet.

Don't be afraid to get out and walk in the rain and get really wet. Most children will like it. You can learn from them. "Shall we go out and get very wet?" Most, especially young kids, will like this. "Shall we play soccer in the mud." But most parents are too stiff for this. And for sure, the children will never forget this. In ten years they will still remember these kind of experiences. These are enjoy moment and will never be forgotten.

Find or create enjoy moments.

Awake children if the first snow falls and go out. Have a walk in the dark (with your children). Have a pillow fight. Probably you only have to hit your partner or child once in a gentle way. If not try it a second or third time. They will get it. Yes, boring parents do not like this. That is why they are boring.

Enjoy food (more).

If you're having excellent food, you are missing a lot if you are also in a very intense conversation. You can focus on one thing only. Yes you can do multiple things at the same time, but then you have to divide your attention.

Give it a try. Eat something, like a hard boiled egg. If you concentrate on eating this egg, you will have much more flavor in your mouth. So if you talk, listen to music and eat, you barely enjoy the taste of your food. You don't have to do this with every potato, but if there is food above average, focus on it. So you enjoy more.

Learn to enjoy music more.

Same for music. If you play really good music (like mine (ha ha)), then really listen to it. Your enjoy level will rise. With good music you take over the mood of the music. For some music you feel relaxed and for others you feel a dance coming up.

The joy is there. You only need to see it.

There are so many nice things in this world. But you are missing a lot if you are too stressed / to busy doing other things. When I go downtown, my mobile is switched off. When I am having a good conversation, the phone is off. I have a plain mobile phone, because I do not want to read my mail or tweet wherever I am. It can wait. I am not a slave of that thing. It is not controlling my life. There are other things. Like life's joy.

Avoid negative people.

Because I am positive, I prefer talking to the ones who have positive life attitude and have a sense of humor. Two positive people strengthen each other. I prefer to laugh over listen to complainers.

Complainers will always complain. If it is a one time person, I let it go or walk away. If it is someone I have to face once in a while, I'll let him or her know I don't like the complaining attitude. "Could you be a bit more positive or walk around me."

Or they change, or they avoid me. Both is fine by me. Life is to enjoy and the ones who have a different attitude, can not be a part of my life. Helping someone is something else, but I stay away from complainers as far as possible. They make my life less nicer.

Choose the right people in your life.

If you want to enjoy the better moments of life, hang out with positive people and avoid the negative ones. Negative people probably stay negative forever. Find the nice things in life. Find the funny videos on YouTube. Pay more attention to (your) children. If it is beach weather and your schedule allows it, drop everything en get over there. You will never regret it.

Piece of advice.

Enjoying life more is possible if you make new habits. There is a lot of humor, fun, good music and nice people around you. You just have to look for it. And you know what, most of it is free.