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Listening to music is not the same as feeling music. Feeling music is a deeper level. Music can touch emotions. But only good music touches the good emotions. Good music can make you feel relaxed, happy or for instance get you in a dancing mood. The better the music, the stronger the emotions. Watch the first appearance of Paul Potts at YouTube. Everything was against him. But he got a standing ovation for a young crowd. Amanda cried. For opera!

Only the very best music can overwhelm you. Or can make you cry. Unfortunately there is not much of that kind of music, because it is hard to create. It is the kind of music you want to hear over and over again. Because it touches you. And most like strong positive emotions. They call this happiness.

Feeling music is the only thing that matters when it comes to music. Other things are not important. Style, genre and age, are only suitable to categorize music, but they are not the right ways to qualify or judge music.

If you feel good about a piece of music, or it touches you, whatever you want to call it, but you do not want to like it, you have issues with admitting there is good music outside your preferred genre. This is because you have prejudices. This means you are not open minded to music. This means you are limiting yourself.

And one other thing about feeling music is, and this sounds probably weird, many do not like music that feels good. Feeling good / relaxing (is the same) means unhappy thoughts start popping up. If you listen to loud heavy metal, your thoughts will stop, because the music takes over the attention. It is a kind of non-harmful drug. "If I feel down, I put on my music, so I feel good again." One feels down, because there are too many unhappy thoughts and circumstances.

Very often, music is distraction from problems. Nothing wrong with that. Because after feeling good with music, you can have a fresh input towards your problems. The little problems could even disappear. But avoiding stress / problems with music does not solve problems. They will still be there. I know what I am talking about. I used to be there. Music all day long when I was young. I needed it. This is over now. I still like music a lot, but I do not need it anymore to distract me from daily life.

In other words:

  • Good music makes you feel better. The unhappier one is, the more one needs music. Music is a very good tool to make one feel better. If you feel better, problems become smaller or disappear (the small ones). In other words, your feelings go up to better levels.
  • Bad music does not make you feel better. It keeps one down. Because feeling good means more problems are popping up. To avoid that, play some bad music that keeps one down. Sounds weird, but it is what it is. Same for alcoholism. This is because someone does not want to think about his or her problems.
  • That is why there is bad and good music. Some need good music to feel better; others do not like good music, because they do not want to feel good.
  • More things are involved in choosing for certain music. See below here.

There are 3 other reasons, besides the feeling thing, for not being open minded to other music genres:

  1. Going against parents and other older adults. If there are issues with parents, one does not want to like their kind of music. The stronger the issues, the stronger one is going to dislike the music styles from parents. If parents do like classical music, the child is going to hate it. One does not want to like it, because the parents like it. It is a rebel thing. "If you do not respect me, I am not going to respect you."
  2. Another reason has to do with insecurity. After a while one has made certain music choices and one wants to stick to this. "This is my music."
  3. Everybody belongs to a certain age group. And this age group has a certain music choice. The music of your generation. When one is young, the boy or girl hears the music of that generation the most and friends like it. Many of a generation group say they like this and that song. In other words, "this is our music." If someone has other opinions, friends will start seeing one as weird. So that teen is not going to say he or she dislikes "our music." And because of that, one is not going to be open minded to other genres. And the first reason is present here also. "We are not going to like the music from "old" people." "Classical music is disgusting." Young people want to separate themselves from parents and other "old fashioned" adults. They go against because they want to go against and not because it is better. In other words, if teens want to fit in, they have to like the music from the group.

Or do you think the older generations were stupid? Do you think they had no idea what good music is? If you think this is only actual these days? Well you are wrong. It happens with every generation. So it is / was the same for the 20, 30, 50 or 70 year old people. Every generation thinks the music from their time was the best. Every generation thinks parents and older "old fashioned" adults have no idea what good music is.

By the way, what is on the radio, is decided by the music industry. Not what the best songs are. So it is not about the artist. It are the ones behind the artist. No, not the drummer.

I say preferring music from your generation, but this is in general. The more you like your parents, the higher the change you are open minded to their music. You do not want to rebel against nice people. Because this is what it is. If parents do not respect their children enough, children are going to rebel. Not liking the parent's music, is one of going against. It is not about the quality of the music.

By saying: "The music from my youth, is the best there is", you are limiting yourself.

Listen to "Child in time" from Deep Purple. It is for any age. Play it loud. One of the best songs ever made. Maybe the best. Go with the song. Let it touch you. Pretend you are playing the guitar. Read the comments on YouTube, so you can see I am not saying weird things. I hope you like it. If not, you are not capable of feeling music or you do not want to admit this is very good. You can stop reading now. This article is not for you. I am trying to open borders to other kinds of music. But many are afraid of this, because after many years one has developed a certain music preference and they want to stick to this.

This article is called feeling music. And that is the only important thing. I like almost all music styles. But I do not like all music. When I was young I also had my preferences. It took me a while to like classical music. After seeing the movie "Amadeus" I started to change my mind. The longest took me opera. It was over after seeing the first performance of Paul Potts. (It is on YouTube) It touched me. Didn't expect that.

But, and this is a very big but: Most classical music and opera is not worth listening to. It is boring and annoying. So do not judge classical music in general. Find the good pieces. Search "the best of ……" or "top 10 of ……." Same for hard rock. Most I do not like, but some is very good. Same for jazz. Etc.

If you listen to something outside your borders and you like it, you have grown.

Something is added to your musical repertoire. If you can say "I (now) like some classical music / opera / jazz / reggae / easy listening / real old soul / boogie woogie / etc", you are open minded to music. The musical area (40's, 50's ?) has some amazing songs. Very strong melodies. 60's and 70's were good.

If you prefer lighter music, try the heavier stuff. And vice versa.

If you only like a specific genre of music, try to expand your borders. Search for "Child in time" as mentioned before, or try my music. Visit my music site. Songs can be listened for free (Soundcloud). So test if you can like other kinds of music. If you are young and you like my music, you are doing not so bad, because my music is not even close to today's music or hard rock, hip-hop, rap and related music. If you can handle my music, you could also be open minded for instance to jazz. I hope I am not scaring you now. Going to say it again: "Jazz can be good." The best jazz was from the "stone" ages ( until end 70's). In this case, most of the time, the older the better. Stone age is in quotes, because many think there is no good music in "pre-historical" times. Like older people would say: "Those were the days." In the case of music, the "oldies" are right.

Some more about music and generation. As said before, teens think older music is not so good (say it gently, to keep this article decent) and the older generation thinks the new music is not so good. This is for all ages, so not only for today. It went from classical music to the start of pop music to rock and roll to Beatles to punk to hip-hop to rap. (This is a rough description, so do not blame if it is not completely accurate timeline.)

Most young people do not like the "old" music and the older ones do not like the new music. I am for instance an exception. I like pop, jazz, blues, boogie woogie ( a lot), easy listening, musical, some classical music, a rare opera and some more. I always listen to what I feel. But unfortunately, I do not like a lot of the music produced after 1980. Somehow things went wrong there. With most today's music (so not all), I do not feel anything anymore. Today's music has become a money business only. Yes, I know many (most young) people do not agree with that. This has to do with the things mentioned above and not growing up with better music. But I can compare.

If you are a teen in these days, you grow up with today's music. And because of that, one thinks this is it. But I guarantee you, the past produced much better music. The beat has become a machine and the melody has left the songs. I mean the really good melodies, because most songs have some kind of melody. Once again, this is not an age thing ("Rolling in the deep" is amazing), but a feeling thing. It is gone most of the time.

If you hear a very good song (any genre) for the first time, and you feel "Wow", trust that feeling. If you feel "Wow" it is "Wow" and it stays "Wow". This is what feeling music is about. Feeling. The only thing that matters. With lesser songs, the "Wow" will also be less, but at a minimum it should do something with your feeling, like "Nice." If you feel nothing, the song is nothing and it will stay nothing. If you like a song because other's like it, you have the wrong attitude towards music. Or liking a song because it is from your favorite artist, is not the right way for feeling music.

Only the best songs knocks you over.

If you do not like a song, this can be because you do not want to like it, because it is outside your borders. Or because it is a bad song. Judge it the right way.

For many years I have tried to figure out what makes good music. I know what it is (I feel it), but cannot explain it. Because it is a feeling thing. Feelings are hard to explain. Try to explain how it feels to swim to someone who has never swum. You can't. You do not have the words for it. I think it is the same for music. (Yes, I am not sure.) For a part it is the song structure (mainly melody and beat) and for a part the performer. A bad performer can ruin a good song. A good performer can improve a bad song, but he or she can't do miracles. The worst is a bad song and a bad performer.

Some words cannot be sung properly. Some notes do not fit to other notes. A good melody has some kind of natural flow with unexpected moves. But those unexpected moves have to fit somehow. Yes, somehow, because this is how far I understand it. If I had the formula for creating good songs, I would make several a day. If someone has that formula, let me know. But it has to include classical music to hard rock, because in this area good music can be born.

This is how I create music myself. I keep chancing my music until I feel something. I only do not understand that feeling. It has something to do with the brain is going to a higher level. Good music is food for the brain. When I am creating music, the feeling has to be there, otherwise no music. I am writing songs and making arrangement like music writers in the past. But I have one big advantage. And that is, I can hear the music straight away. The writers from the past had to write down notes and imagine how it would sound. I can't. I do not hear a melody when I see notes.

Not all my music is top level (that is very hard to create), but it has and will have a certain amount of feel good level. That is my minimum requirement.

Enough about that, because this article is about feeling music and not about my music. But it is a part of me, so I had to add it.

That is why I love comments on YouTube like: "I am a die hard, hard rock fan, but I do like this song." (To a nice and gentle song far outside his prejudices).

Or "I am 14 and I like the older music much more." That person listens to what he or she feels and not what one supposed to like.

Every style and genre has good songs. But I haven't heart many good song in later styles of music. This is not prejudices because I always listen to what I feel and not what I supposed to like.

It is all about what you feel with music. And not what you supposed to like. Or what your friends like. Or what you like because the older generations do not like it. If you can step outside your borders, you will notice there is a lot of good music in this new territory for you.

And listen to the old timers. Sometimes they are right.