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What is and what isn't genetically determined

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Many things are blamed on genes. Including behavior and character. This is because science has no clue what causes mental issues.

Genes create the body, feet, hair, brain and all the rest. But genes do not create how we develop. A Chinese does not have Chinese speaking genes. He looks like a Chinese because of genes. But that is it. If he was raised with Spanish parents, he would act and speak Spanish.

A lot of mental and psychical issues seems to be genetically determined. Well, in most cases it is not true. Most is not genetically determined. Two reasons why many issues are marked as genetically determined. The first one is, it is the easiest way. "He doesn't listen, because he has my genes. So I have to accept this." Second reason why many things today seems to be genetically determined, is because one doesn't understand the problem.

If science does not understand a certain mental problem, it will be assigned to "genetically determined." Or marked as one of the new developed diseases like ADHD. Then it can be accepted and be treated with medication.

And even the psychical is not always genes.

Many physical characteristics are genetically determined, like color of skin, hair and eyes. But not all. Being fat or skinny at young ages is not genetically determined. It has to do with the parent(s) attitude towards sports and food.

The same food that will make mom fat, will make the children fat. This has nothing to do with genes. If parents eat healthy and keep in shape, the children will notice this and parents will try to stimulate it. So the children taken over. Not one gene is involved in this.

Not saying if parents are overweight, children will always be the same. It also depends if the child wants to follow and if there is pressure at school from schoolmates and friends. An overweight child can be bullied because of the body shape. Being extreme out of shape with teenagers or a bit younger, can also be caused by mental problems. Like anorexia.

Genes do not cause behavior!

But all (!) mental problems, besides being disabled, are not (!)genetically determined. There are no genes for insecurity or for instance aggression. Nobody is born insecure or with the attitude of beating up others. This is against nature. Nature is positive.

And if things show up later in life, it is impossible to be genetic. Genetic behavior shows immediately. If insecurity would be genetic, the ones with the lowest form of self esteem would not have the faith of starting to walk. And would still be sitting on the floor today.

Those are unfortunately thinking "I not am capable of doing anything. I am worthless. I can't do anything." With this attitude, a toddler will never attempt to walk. So because everybody can walk, insecurity is not genetically determined. This doubt will start later, because of growing up problems.

Don't blame aggression on the genes.

If dad is aggressive, the sun probably becomes (!) aggressive to. The child's example is aggression, dad teaches aggression and because of dad's aggression towards his son, the son gets frustrated and defensive. So a new aggressor is entering the world.

And he will do the same to his son later on. But not because of genes. And because it is not genetic, it can be changed with the right counseling. If it would be genetic, it cannot be changed, because it is genetic.

Stress has also nothing to do with genes.

Stress is also not genetically determined. You cannot be stressed because of genes. You were not born stressed. You were born relaxed and happy. Circumstances and the way you are thinking, are the only sources for stress.

In short, all negative things, like mentioned above, are not genetically determined. All positive things like honesty, friendliness, happiness, etc, are genetically determined, because this is the natural state of mind for humans. All the negative things appear because of the wrong influence towards children. So don't blame genes for that.