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Many are looking for this. If you are one of them, keep reading. It could clarify things and save you a lot of time. A goal is one of those mysteries in life. What is it? Where is it? How to find one?

Something that could improve your life. And it could make you stand out from the rest.

To start with: There is no goal in life. You are here, that is it. And you are not here for a purpose. Some think they are, but that is something they have started to believe. If you think there is a goal in life, don't you think it wouldn't have been found by now?

Millions of people are searching for this for many decades. If there would be goal in life, don't you think it wouldn't have been discovered? Have you seen big headlines in the news saying: "It is found, the goal in life is…………" So not. Because it isn't there.

But there is an alternative.

You can create one. That is a different story. There are many things that are nice to do or will be nice, once you start doing it. Take for instance animation. Because I had to learn this, because of my music, I began to like it. Now I know my way around it, I really like it.

Can you imagine, I can create almost anything I want. A house, a dancing character, crushing a brick wall, etc. It is fun to do and you can create your own original things. See my Compubodies site. All created by me, but with some purchased items.

I knew as much about creating animation as you, when I started. But I learned and learned, so I made progress. I learned everything from books, searching Internet and asking in forums. Animation is not complicated (anybody could do it), but it is only a lot.

I like creating animation and music. But it was not my goal. I was not born for this purpose.

Creating your own goal.

You could create your own goal in life. Probably you have to. Because it gives depth to your life. Most adults are doing the same thing over and over again. Each day is almost the same. Get up > breakfast > go to work > go home again > dinner > watch TV > have a drink > go to bed.

I know, finding something is not easy. Most do not find anything. If you do want more in life, start by thinking what you like. This could be creating, helping others, working with animals or for instance music. But don't do the things you never liked.

You have many options.

Don't underestimate the things you could start liking. If I would have been raised by parents who loved gardening and would have introduced me in that world, I would have liked gardening myself now. And I know if I had the time and would dig into gardening (ha ha), I could start liking gardening.

Computer gaming for instance isn't a goal in life. Sorry for that. It could be part of your life, but if it is the main thing in your life, you are limiting yourself a lot. With all these hours, you could have been a skilled ………….

A created goal could change your life.

The ones who are working on something do not have much time for gaming, hanging in bars or watching TV. They do this once in while, but it is not their main "hobby." It is for relaxing and getting the mind of activities.

The ones with a goal or hobby are much happier doing their interest, instead of wasting it on hanging out. I am not saying you shouldn't relax. You should. But many are doing it too much. Or all the time.

Or would you like to think one day: "Wish I had done more with my life." Because this is going to happen if you don't give a little bit more meaning to your life. One day you meet yourself on this.

You can do almost anything you want.

Your brain has a huge potential. At the end of an average life, ninety percent of your brain has not been used. You can become almost anything you want. Performing on stage as a pianist? Possible. Expert in gardening? Possible. Restoring classic cars? Possible.

How to start.

If you have something you kinda like, go for it as a start. If you find something better later on, go that way. You can change your direction, but start walking first. If you have a general direction, try to narrow it down (animals > dogs only) or broaden it (study, buy books, start a web site).

You can listen to others for advice, but walk your own path. Many will criticize you if you go off the general path. Ignore this. It is your life.

What did I do?

I can do a lot things (this is not for bragging). I have restored a car, learned welding, created web pages, written a book, creating music and animation. Everything (!) was self taught and everything (!) started from scratch.

I knew as much as you right now (if you don't know it). Most was done using books. If you have vaguely interest in something, buy a dummies (or similar) book and grow. If you can read, you can make (a lot of) progress. Have look at Amazon or a (used) bookstore.

Don't doubt yourself.

If you keep on thinking you are not capable of something like this, then yes, you will not succeed. If you do not walk, you get nowhere. If you do nothing, nothing will happen in your life. But you are to blame. You cannot blame life for this. Or others.

If you have self esteem issues, work on that too. Keep an eye on this site. Nobody is worthless. Anybody can do almost anything. Have some more faith in yourself. And if you start learning and creating things, you prove yourself you are capable of something.

If you create things, your confidence will grow. The more it grows, the more you can create. In other words, you are strengthening yourself. Or visual said, you pulling yourself out of the swamp by your hair.

Try this for instance.

If you have little or some more interest in trying to make animation, give Daz Studio (search Google) a change. It has a lot of potential, forum is very helpful and it is free.

What if you find a goal?

  • The more you do it, the more you are going to like it.
  • If you think your life is empty, it will get less.
  • Your confidence will grow, because it seems you are capable of doing things.
  • You could start drinking less (if you are drinking too much), because now you have something to put your mind to.
  • You could publish things.
  • You could earn money (not easy).
  • Others are gonna ask your advice, because you are getting skilled at something.

This all doesn't happen if you do nothing (with your life).