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Many think they cannot learn new or complicated things. This is not true. Every human brain has a huge potential. There are two problems. One is not finding something. Two is doubt. There is no third reason for not developing to high levels.

Every expert, craftsman, or technician, was born knowing nothing. They have the same brain as everybody. Everything can be learned. You only need a direction and a pile of persistence. If you can read, you can grow.

This article is mostly for personal growth. Not specific talking about career improving. For this you very often need certain legal papers. If you want to be a lawyer, you need to study and get your papers. This is a different story. But it could be the same story.

These days with the Internet it is very easy to find info for whatever you want and get your skills. Not saying everything is online, but if you search the right way, you will find most of it.

Basics of growing.

The basics of getting a (new) skill is books. A lot of info can be found on the Internet, but most of the time it is very limited. An average book has 200 - 400 pages. It has much more details. And with sites you always have the risk of a site taking down.

What is possible.

With reading books you can improve yourself a lot.

  • You can become a good handyman.
  • Create impressive sites.
  • Make music.
  • Become a good animator.
  • Learn or improve gardening.
  • Fix your car.
  • Or whatever you want.

For some you need physical effort. You can't take a car engine apart without doing it and getting dirty. But there are manuals for a step by step guidance. It is a big challenge, but after succeeding you will realize, it is doable. It is not rocket science.

Use books for learning things.

My favorite bookstore is Amazon. Their amount of books is huge, shipment is free most of the time. Books are reviewed and you can have a look inside. But I have to say, you cannot always trust the reviews. Some are manipulated by "friends."

The table of content is for me the most important part. It should say, yes, this is what I need and understand. A few clicks (credit card needed) and it is yours in a few days.

For under 50 dollar you can become a skilled web developer. Very often you can do with one good book. After that, you can expand your horizon. The only limit is yourself. Not your brain limit, but your effort limit.

More info on the Internet.

If you are stuck or need more info, search the Internet and join forums. It has never been so easy. Twenty years ago you needed to contact experts, make phone calls or go to the library. For many things you don't have to get out of your chair. Search and find or post a message.

  • If you want to know what a certain error code means, use Google.
  • If your grass turns yellow, search for: Why does my grass turns yellow.
  • If you need help with woodworking, search for: Woodworking forum.

The info is there; you only have to look for it. And for about any subject there is a forum with other hobbyists. Most will love to help you out.

How to start learning.

If you don't know what, start with something you like. If you like music, search the Internet by something like: How to create music. You will find a lot of info. Sooner or later you will find a music direction. If you have found it, search Amazon for books. Or search this favorite topic: How to make money online. Then books.

Growing is a choice.

If you like gaming all day long. Or being on the social media sites a lot. Or you like going out often. Or you can't do without television. Or hang out with friends all day long. Then yes, improving yourself will almost be impossible.

Maybe this info is not suitable for you. It is a matter of choices and making decisions for what is really important in life. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you have to spend hundred percent of your free time on your project. It is also time for living and having fun. But growing mentally is also fun. It gives depth to your live.

The sky is the limit.

Improving myself by learning things, is not something I have to force myself to. I like it. It is a kind of mental satisfaction. While writing this, I have about thirty books I still have to read. Every time I need a book for now or in the future, I start looking or find them by accident. My books are only in English (not my native language), because other languages are too limited.

What is possible.

This is not for bragging, but these are the things I have learned myself:

  • Mig welding.
  • Writing psychology / self improvement.
  • Restoring a car.
  • Taking a car engine apart (and putting it back).
  • Learning HTML (for web pages).
  • Creating sites.
  • Creating and recording music.
  • Doing animation.

Animation for instance, is not complicated. It is only a lot. Anybody could do it.

Most of my own development is on my sites. Yes, the sites are not very flashy. This is because I don't like it. I don't like sites where a lot of stuff is moving around or where I get lost in complicated linking. I like it plain, simple and fast loading.

I like what I am doing and learned it myself. And you can do it to. But nobody is going to knock on your door to help you out. I have the same brain as you. I wasn't born with a special brain. But I am using it more intense as most others.