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My name is Leo Krans. I've written a huge book about self improvement. Unfortunately not in English, but in Dutch only. Because many parents are struggling with raising children and parents and children are suffering on this, I have decided to create this parenting info in English.

If you take this information seriously, I can assure you, you can get major improvements in your family life and your children will grow much faster and better. You have no idea what is possible. This parenting info is for avoiding problems with your children and solving any kind of problems you are having right now.

I can help you with many things. I have studied things, but most figured out myself. That is why it is different and more helpful. It is more helpful, because this information goes much deeper. It is on the level where the real problems are. Most has never been explained before. Because it is easy to understand, you can judge for yourself if I am right or wrong.

I explain what parents are doing wrong and how this influences children. Wrong parenting has a negative effect on family life and it will damage children for sure. I want to avoid that.

The biggest problem is parents think they are doing the right things. But most parents are making mistakes, without realizing it. It varies from little mistakes to very big ones.

My parenting information is very easy to understand because it is common sense and has no complicated theories. It is about facts. You need theories if you do not understand things. A theory is "I think", and not "I know." Only if you understand, you can explain the real problem. This course is speaking language, like what I am doing now. In other words, I am explaining why you are having problems with your children. And off course how to solve them.

I am going one step deeper as most others and  I am explaining the foundations for good parenting. I am on the level where the real problem is. I am not solving problems on the surface. That doesn't work. I am not going to give you tricks for treating uncontrollable children. This is useless. I am explaining why they are uncontrollable, so you can solve it the right way.

It would be the same if I would tell you to stop being unhappy. Or put a smile on your face over your tears. That doesn't work. There is a reason for not being  happy. Find the reason, which is a deeper level, and kick that problem out of your life. Then it is gone forever. Then you don't have to put a smile on your face, because it is already there.

Most parents are doing a lot of things wrong with their children. Not on purpose, but because of ignorance. Parents want the best for their children. But parenting has never been taught properly. That is why the many mistakes and because of that many problems. You probably only have your own growing up as an example.

Or even get result like below. These are only a few posting I found on Twitter:

  • "Being ignored is one of the worst feelings ever. "
  • "I just want to lie in bed and not participate in life."
  • "I don't know how to love myself."
  • "Nobody cares about me."

Especially these are very damaged and very broken children. You can prevent this by treating them the right way. Why do you think  these children are thinking this? There is only one reason for it. And that is, there is nobody who really cares about them. And / or they do not like themselves. This is said. This happens with wrong parenting. If someone has the feeling even the parents do not care about her or him, means the parents have the wrong attitude. Not nice to hear, but I want to wake up people and let them do some thinking, so things can be improved.

Why are children raised the wrong way?

This is an important question. It is because of not understanding certain things and fear in almost 100% of the cases. Nobody wants to ruin their children.

The thing is, raising children has never been explained properly. Most copy the parenting as they were raised, including the wrong stuff. Others didn't like the way they were raised and are going to do the opposite. Sounds good, but often you get the opposite problems.

If you give love to children, you will get it back double. It will improve your life.

If you have doubts about my ideas in this course, give certain advices a try. And think how you would like to be treated (from your parents). I know, it is not easy to do things in a new way. But you will be surprised how simple things can make a huge difference. It will improve your life and the life of your children.

If you raise your children the right way, you will have hardly any problems and you will enjoy your children.

If you do it the wrong way, you will have many problems during the whole raising period. And you will damage the children for sure.

If I look around me wherever I go, I see damaged people everywhere. It is all related to how they were raised. For instance, why do you think someone feels loneliness. This is because they do not like themselves enough. They need others to feel good.

With this course / information I am going to try to prevent damage to children and improve family life. The main reason is for the well being of children. The second reason is helping out parents.

If you have troubles with your children, this course is going to be very helpful, because you don't need to have problems with children. Children are the easiest persons to deal with, but you have to do it the right way. And you know what, it is very simple. I am explaining this step by step in this course.

You can become a very nice family where the problems and tension do not rule, but the happiness. You can live in harmony with each other. You have no idea how much better your family life can be. So it is up to you where you want to be. You only have to read and think.