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High level punishment for your children

Probably you are wondering what high level punishment is. Well, in some cases you can correct your children in a nicer way, so without creating more tension. Yes, children could be punished once in a while, because they often are trying which borders they can cross. And they are children. Children do not always realize or "forget" what is allowed or not. If you do not punish if needed, you will loose control over your children, because they start to do think they can do whatever they want.

High level punishment, as explained in the video, is a bit different as the usual ways. Children do not like to be punished, but if you give it a twist, you could avoid tension and create a good learning experience for your child.

If you have your doubts about this method, try to imagine you are on the receiving end. How would you feel if your parents would have done something like this to you when you were a child. Or when you are pulled over by the police because you were speeding and he would use the high level punishment approach.

The purpose of punishing your child, if needed, is keeping them under control. A child does not like to be punished. But with a more relaxed version of punishing, he or she will have less uncomfortable feelings. The result is the same; the child is punished. Only the approach is different.