Improving Yourself

Who is in charge?

There are two options: you (and your partner) or the children. But there is only one right way and that is not the children. This is so wrong. Children cannot be in charge. They are not ready for that. If children take over family life, you will have many problems for sure. Bed time problems, eating problems, no more relaxation in your home, you will have sleeping problems, etc. In other words stress, stress, stress.

But not only that. These children will cause problems at school, in the supermarket, in public transportation, in your car, also etc.

And there is more. The later adult will be a problematic person, because he or she is used to making the rules and to do whatever it wants to do.

Or if you think dominating your children is the right way to be in control, you are also wrong. This is not the right way to be in charge. Yes you are in charge, but not as it should be. You also cause problems and tensions in your family life. You will also damage children, but different as the not-in-control-version of parenting. With dominating, you can break children. This is as bad as uncontrollable children.

If you think you are out of options if you have read previous, watch this video and my other videos and info. Because these describes a better way. Also subscribe to my newsletter, because one day there will be more. You could miss important info.

I hope you are thinking about what I said in my video. I hope you are doubting about your own approach now, because this means you are open minded to other versions of parenting. Do not do it your way, but the best way. If you do not like what I am saying, you are probably not here anymore to read this sentence. Many are afraid of making changes (including the good ones). This is insecurity; fear of the unknown.

If you think dominating is the right way (because you were raised like that), try putting yourself in the shoes of your children. Would you like it if you were not allowed to have a mind of your own? Would you like to be ordered all the time (see my video about this)? Would you like to be punished hard for small things or accidental things? In other words, would you like to be treated as a low life form? Did I shock you? Good. Because I want you to start thinking, so you can be a better parent. I know, you are trying to be a good parent (otherwise you would not be at this video course), but I also know many are missing good info for becoming better parents. That's why this course.

A next time you are in the supermarket and you see uncontrollable children, think who is here to blame. The children? No. They have given the opportunity to do whatever they want and they took it. You cannot blame them. Any kid would do the same. Any kid will try to have unlimited control. The job of the parents is not to allow this. The job of the parent is to set certain borders. Believe me, you controlling your children, instead of the opposite, is the best way of parenting children.

Letting the children do whatever they want is not parenting. It is doing nothing. If you think it is the easiest way, you are wrong. You will get many, many, many problems. More then you can handle.