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This is bit of a mystery one. This is because your sixth sense has no physical location. You can see your nose and smells are obvious. But a sixth sense is a feeling only.

That is why it cannot explained properly. How do you describe a feeling? It is almost impossible. Knowing more about a sixth sense, and very important, trusting it, can be an advantage of your life.

Do I have a sixth sense?

Yes, you have one. Everybody has a sixth sense. But maybe it is not working properly. Don't worry, not going to lead you to paranormal worlds. A sixth sense does exists, but it is not easy to describe.

You cannot see it or examine it in a laboratory. But it is there and you have it. So I am going to give it a try to explain. Simple said, it is what you feel, but cannot describe.

Detecting a liar is sixth sense.

If someone is not good at lying, like little children, good observers will notice it. Very often they don't know how they know, but they know. Especially if they are familiar with the liar, like the parents, they will know.

It can be by the tone in their voices, their body languages, or more clearer, blushing, but it is noticed (subconscious). This is the sixth sense in action. "Something is not right."

Trust your feeling.

Most of the time when you feel "something" is not right, there is something wrong. The sixth sense does not fool you. You cannot notice things, but if you notice things, something is not right.

The more you are in balance, the more you will notice "something" is wrong and the more you will trust this feeling. Very often you don't know why or what is wrong, but you know.

Being naive is not good.

Naive people are not very good in using their sixth sense, because they trust others too much. If you think everybody is telling the truth, you don't doubt them. No matter what signs you get.

Many people trust everybody who is friendly. So with them, even the clearest sixth sense signals, do not get through. Very often this happens to children and females. Because most don't realize (yet) not every person is honest.

That is why many males pretend to like females at first and many females fall for it (again and again). If someone falls for a nice guy, but this guy is not nice to others, sixth sense alarm bells should start to ring.

Being naive is not a problem if everybody was decent and honest. But unfortunately this isn't the case. Because not everybody can be trusted, being naive is not a good thing in this world. Unfortunately.

Not everybody is honest.

If you are grown up being honest, you don't understand others can lie. This is an attitude most children and females don't have, so they will be victims very often. A truly honest person, really doesn't understand lying.

And the opposite, a liar doesn't understand honest persons. They have different life attitudes. Not only is a liar lying, but he also abuses other peoples trust. Only through many negative experiences could an honest person start using the sixth sense.

This is because now she (in most cases) realizes not everybody is honest. Before that, she trusted everybody, because it is her nature.

Trusting nobody is not good, but better.

The opposite ones (I trust nobody) also do not have a good sixth sense, because they trust nobody. This is better as being naive, because there is a defense system for being hurt again.

It is like a wall around that person. But also the good ones will be kept at a distance. Because one is afraid of trusting others, he / she doesn’t listen to the sixth sense. Everything is no.

Trusting the sixth sense.

The more you are in balance, means you are not afraid of trusting others, means your sixth sense can function better.

Because I trust my sixth sense, I listen to it. Most of the time I know immediately if I can trust someone. Very often even without speaking to someone. But up to a certain point, because I know an experienced liar / cheater is hard to catch.

How does it work for me.

Several times I've had people in my life who were nice and friendly and because of that, popular by others. But with me they gave me a bad feeling somehow. Something was saying "Be careful, because something is wrong here."

Don't know what, but my sensors warned me. With those, I was always careful, but without letting them know. And sooner or later most of them said or did things that showed me I was right about them.

And the opposite. I have met several people in my life who were not nice to deal with. Not friendly, closed and because of that not popular. But somehow I noticed they were good people.

Those are not very nice people to deal with, but deep inside is still a good character. If you are careful with them (they are not easy to approach) they can become good friends. Because of never learned to be socialized, or frustration of life (being hurt, abuse), they were not nice to deal with, but they were still honest and dependable.

Stay away from some people.

If someone is not nice and dishonest, keep a distance if you don't trust your sixth sense. Most of the time they are not nice and not good people. Yes I know, I have said somewhere on my site (or my book?) everybody is a good human being deep inside. But if one leaves the path of honesty and respect, recovering is not going to be easy.

And you can get hurt. A watch dog can be aggressive at the gate, but nice if you are inside. Because in this case it is just an attitude (defense system). If it bites, it is really hostile.

More sixth sense issues.

One other thing that should awake your sixth sense, is if something is too good to be true or people who are too nice to you. "Would you like to be a millionaire in one week, pay ……." "Can I borrow ten dollar. Double it tomorrow." Telephone from an unknown: "Hello, how are you today."

Start trusting your sixth sense.

Most of the time when you feel something is wrong, something is wrong. It is your sixth sense speaking. Listen to it. I trust it completely. I always listen to what I feel with a certain person; not what he is saying or doing.

This can be a decoy of the real person. Don't forget, a cheater is almost always nice and friendly, otherwise you don't fall for it. Not every friendliness is sincere.

So trust yourself if you get a bad feeling with someone. If you don't get a bad feeling, probably it is okay, but some are very good in pretending. If one is fake often or during longer periods, it will be hard to notice. A trained liar is hard to catch.

If you get a bad feeling with someone. Keep an eye on that person. One day he or she says or does something that proves you were right. If you think a man is woman friendly, observe him if he is between men. Consider this a learning process for your sixth sense.