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Staying young is a choice. And you should make this choice, because this is where the real happiness in life is. There is not much fun in meetings, discussions, trying to be successful in life or office work.

It is much nicer to play soccer, go to the beach or have a pillow fight. You cannot avoid adult stuff, but you can make better choices.

By staying young I mean you shouldn't be too much of an adult. If you grow up from being a child to an adult, things are slowly changing.

You have to do adult stuff and take responsibility. Nothing wrong with that and you have to. It is a part of life. But you have to stop somewhere in between.

Real adults are boring and have lost most of life's happiness. They live their life's with limited fun. Only with alcohol and drugs they can bring temporary joy back in their life's. They have lost their inner child. It was there, because most children are having fun in their life.

But you are still an adult.

I am not saying you should avoid responsibility. For parenting, work and for instance housekeeping you need rules and obligations. That is why I said somewhere in between and not staying in your childhood if you become an adult.

If your house is always a big mess, you have a lack of responsibility. If your house is never messy, you are probably too adult and maybe boring. If your house is messy once in while or a bit, you're fine. A house is for living; it is not a museum or showroom. Off course you should be careful with food hygiene. There is a difference between messy and dirty.

To be or not to be a child.

Many have a black-white way of thinking. There are many variations of gray. As an adult they think, the only option other then being an adult is being a child. You can also be a bit like a child. Being a bit of a child means playing soccer on your lawn with children. If damage starts occurring, the adult steps in. Children are not always good with borders and the adult should keep them inside the borders, so it stays pleasant for all.

It is fear most of the time.

If you do not want to play with children, it is not because you do not want it, but most of the time it is fear. Fear of being marked as childish by other adults. Children don't see it that way. For them it is normal to play and they don't understand why some do not want to play.

Open your mind to more enjoyment.

A couch can also be used for laying down. But it shouldn't be your second bed. My couch is one of my two workspaces. The other one is sitting behind the computer. If I need to think things over, my couch is my biggest friend.

Sometimes it is better to step away from the computer. Boring / stiff people don't lay on the couch. "A couch is not for laying down." "Yes it is, it fits perfect." Children don't have a problem with that. They sit or lay down anywhere they want.

If children are playing on the ground, join them. They don't mind. They never think "this is weird." It is an adult thing, not laying on the couch or sitting on the floor. Once again, it is fear.

Child levels.

There is a difference being childlike and being childish. If two adults are playing with a toy kitchen or playing with toy cars on the floor, they are a bit too much child. But if an adult has a large train emplacement in one the rooms, he still has the right level of child inside him.

This is not being childish, but it is enjoying life as an adult on child level. It is way better as hanging in front of the TV all day. Watching TV is doing nothing (but nice for relaxing). Playing with trains is doing something.

Get out of your comfort zone.

If it is snowing, go out and have fun (with children). Once you get over it isn't something adults do, you can experience something nice. Don't care what others think. It is your playtime.

If your playing outside in the snow and having fun, the real adults are saying something like "Don't be so childish" but meanwhile thinking: "Wish I had the guts to play in the snow like that and have fun." Some adults can be pushed across the threshold, but for some the step will be too big.

When to be a child.

In movies it is so adorable if adults are showing their inner child. Having fun in the snow, going down a slide, jumping in a lake, sitting on a swing or whatever. If it is nice to watch, it is also nice doing it. But in real life it is suddenly childish. Wrong.

If one gets over it and is not afraid of being as in movies, real joy enters life. I can assure you, playing soccer is much more fun as a evening talking with friends or family. A picnic is much nicer as a cocktail party. What would you prefer, cooking / painting / hide and seek with children or a staff meeting?

The clothing says it all.

The way people dress is often a sign how much child is left in an adult. You won't find much real good fun in suits. Some always wear suits. I know, many jobs require a suit. But that is something else. Many also wear suits in their leisure time. I see people entering the dressing room of a gym (and leaving) in suits with ties.

The tie seems sometimes be attached to someone. They think a suit shows being successful. Probably it does, but only financial. In terms of being happy, they fail miserably. If you think you can find happiness in money you are very wrong. Most of the time it is a way of compensating their inner unhappiness. With money you can get only limited and temporary happiness.

Child versus money.

I really pity the ones who have piles of money and still obsessed in getting more. They can't be happy people. They can never be pleased because they never reach their goal. Whatever that is. Most of them will miss a lot of fun in life.

Yes, money can give you freedom, but for some it is a jail. And there is not much fun in jail. Some have billions. Why on earth do you need billions. What do those people want? Buy the earth? Buy the universe? Be the richest person on earth? So what. I can assure you, the little child playing with a one dollar ball is enjoying life more as they are. Overachievers are missing the whole point of life.

Physical youth.

Staying young psychical, is a different story. For mental age you can be any age you want, but your body follows its own path. You cannot stop the aging process, or reverse it.

The only thing you can do, is slow it down. This means eating healthy, doing sports and using healthy supplements like vitamins. Relaxing and playing with children or not matured adults should be a part of your life.

Sporting is very important for any age. But also for this, keep it healthy. Extreme sporting is crossing the border of what is good for your body. Overweight is not good and the same for underweight. Not going to elaborate this here any further. For this, find books about a healthy way of living.