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Stop hurting females. Yes, men and boys, I am mainly talking to you, because in general it is a male thing. There is something very wrong here. There is a fair chance you are hurting women and girls and maybe on a daily basis. It is probably because you are not realizing things. That is why I am going to explain things here. If you understand why and how females are hurt, and you change your attitude, you improve yourself to a better human being. And you avoid damage.

There are two things involved in hurting females:

The first one is, "I don't care." If you do not care, this site and video is not for you. It is for the ones who do care about others. Please leave. It is only for the ones who want to improve themselves. And don't say you are a decent person if you do not care about others, because you are not. Decent persons care about others.

The second reason for hurting females, is not realizing it. Men and boys are not very sensitive to being hurt. Women and girls are much different. They are very sensitive. So because of that, males do not realize something is hurtful, because they do not feel it. So they do not realize it.

That is why this video and site. I want you to start to be aware of things. So you can avoid hurting nice people. Or said in a different way, you can become a better person. And becoming a better person is the way to be a person who is liked by females. Hurting females is one of the biggest problems for good communication and relations. If you hurt others, they will never like you and they will try to avoid you.

Believe me, women and girls are very very sensitive. Men and boys do not realize this. If I criticize the shoes of a man or boy, it doesn't hurt him. Maybe he gets upset and will show it. But he is not hurt. He doesn't care what I think about his shoes. But females do. Because it is not about the shoes. It is about the choice for those shoes. She will start doubting herself more, because "she not even capable of choosing the right shoes". Her self esteem will drop. And maybe she will never wear the shoes again.

And the other problem is, hurting females doesn't show most of the time. They smile at you. They laugh at your "funny" remark. But deep inside there is pain. Personal pain. Because most females are struggling with their self esteem. And now she has had a new dent. Most of the time they will not tell or show they are hurt. Because it makes them vulnerable. And because you are not aware of hurting her, you think it is not a problem.

In general, women and girls are much nicer persons as we are. They want to help, they care about others, they do not want to hurt others, etc. Most of them are not tough or hard. They do not have the aggression of men and boys.

Most females are struggling with insecurity. And because of that, they have problems with standing up for themselves. If you attack them, you scare them. You hurt them. You do not do that to nice persons who cannot defend themselves. This is what cowards do. 

If you put down a girl or women, you will not notice the hurting. Because females do not want to show weakness. If they show weakness, they will have more attacks. And this is stronger in company.

If you criticize or make fun of a girl or women in company, others will laugh with you and you will feel good about this and you feel tough. But, there is a fair change she will be crying when she is on her own. Probably she will have sleepless night, feeling bad about herself. Is that what you want? This is not something you can be proud of.

Criticizing women and girls is most of the time hurting. Men and boys do not realize this, because they do not have this vulnerability. They get mad or even aggressive. Or they don't care. Most females do not have this response. Yes, some stand up for themselves, but only to a certain point. Believe me, they will not punch you in the face if you tell them they are ugly. Like many men would if they feel attacked. Most females are too nice and soft for that. They swallow the pain and bring it back to their home where the emotions can flow.

Criticizing females is most of the time personal. You do not criticize the shoes or her make-up. You are criticizing her. She now thinks she is not even capable of putting on the right shoes. Males are different. Shoes are shoes. That is it. I do not care what others think of my shoes. But most females do.  If you do not like their shoes, don't tell them. Let them keep their dignity.

If you tell a female she has a nice big butt, she will hardly ever show what she really feels. It looks like she doesn't care or even give you a modest smile. But believe me, it hurts most girls and women. As soon as possible she will examine her butt if she has a mirror. And maybe she wants to start losing weight. Even the ones who are already skinny.

So be more careful when dealing with women and girls. If you are not sure if something is hurtful, don't say what you want to say. If you say the wrong things, she will start to closing herself towards you, because she will try to avoid more hurting.

I hope you are more careful towards women and girls after seeing this video. The easiest way is to think before you talk or criticize females. If you do this, you prevent a lot of pain to nice people. And if you stop hurting women and girls, they slowly will start liking you, because you are not hurting them. They can even start feeling safe with you. These are the properties of a decent person. This is the way to becoming a better person.