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My Twitter quotes


My Twitter quotes

Most quotes at Twitter are my own. If not, they are between quotation marks ("). With some I am making a statement, while others are motivational and the rest are just quotes I am trying to be funny. So don't take those too serious. ("Don't buy anything with a handle: it means work.")

I like quotes. In one or two sentences you can make a statement. They are easy to remember and could help sometimes. For me, a good quote must have something positive. A smile, or something to think about. Put them over you bed or at your computer screen if you need a little push on something.

I do not have unlimited quotes, so after a while I have to repeat some. At this moment I have around 200 quotes. More are on their way (I hope). I never know when they are coming.

Most of my Twitter quotes are statements which I truly believe. But I have much more to say and I cannot say what I want with 140 characters. That is why this site about self improvement. Not just writing some articles, but saying what is on my mind. With this site I hope to improve a lot of personal problems and other things.

If you are reading this, but didn't come from Twitter, my Twitter account is linked above.